We solve growth problems of the automotive industry

Problem Statement

The speed at which innovation is pushed in consumer electronics is much higher than in the car industry. The state of the art in the current auto industry is therefore lacking behind consumer industry in a notable manner.

The current state of the art to develop a new car generation is littered with scalability problems: car makers want to add more features for the next generation of vehicles, yet they face the issue that developing and integrating those features comes with exponential cost due to how the auto industry is organised.

A very supply-chain-based organisation has evolved over the last decades that now leads to massive problems when it comes to software: Car makers could differentiate themselves from competitors through features, most notably software features. However, the software is currently developed deep down in the supply chain with difficult or even no influence from the car maker.

veecle sits between hardware and functionality

Veecle architecture

Veecle tech pillars

NoS - Embedded Car Interface

NoS is our Operating System written from scratch in the Rust programming language. It provides modern means for developers to deploy safety critical code in a controlled way. NoS stands for Not an Operating System. In car tuning jargon, NOS also means Nitrous Oxide and is ued to tune the performance of engines.

Studio - Our Development IDE

Studio is our development environment. It consists of a modern IDE and tools to develop and integrate car functions and cloud services. The Studio consists of a set of tools that can be used by developers to deploy, test, monitor and manage our instances. It consists of command line & visual tools like VSCode (for development), Grafana (for data visualization and storage), and Renode (for testing, and deployment).

Cloud - Our backend services

The server-side (cloud) is responsible for keeping the connection to the vehicle’s modem active and for collecting data, deploying updates over-the-air and manage which software version is running on which car (fleet control). On the other side, the phone app also connects to the cloud to get or send the vehicle' status.

Nteract - The Car interaction system

Nteract is the front-end of NoS. Based on Android Automotive, it provides all tools to develop a functional HMI and apps that interact with the vehicle. Nteract uses NoS to talk to the car controllers. NoS ensures functional safety and security. Nteract is the only component with external connectivity: we exploit android’s rich APIs to provide the best connected experience.

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