veecle 1.0

We already work with big car makers and top tier suppliers. They value our software because it solves one of their biggest single issues.

Pain Points

Get in touch with us if one of the following pain points sound familiar:

  • Adding a small feature to a vehicle requires disproportionate effort and time due to heterogenious and expensive tools
  • Navigating through thousands of signals is error-prone and finding the right signal takes ages
  • Integration of 3rd party services (payment, geo location, smart home, music, …) is next to impossible

Your Solution

Veecle solves this by

  • Auto-generating code for existing signals (e.g. .dbc files) with clean, semantic interfaces to extend functionality
  • one-liners to change purpose, quality, or frequency of signals (e.g. get notified on change)
  • Rust types and type-states that know exactly that something is speed in m/s and not just a plain integer
  • Engineering tailor-made for your specifics

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